about us
Fisher-Cal Industries, Inc. (FCI) is a small business, woman-owned which was incorporated on August 28, 1985. Victoria B. Fisher is the active President. Co-founder, Walter R. Fisher was Vice-President from inception until his death in 1996. In 1999 Fisher-Cal Industries corporate officers recognized that the steady growth of their business required additional headquarter personnel. Based out of Dover, Delaware, Mr. John Sidoriak was hired as the Director of Operations to manage all of Fisher-Cal Industries operated facilities. Under his direction each multimedia center streamlined their operational procedures which permitted our multimedia specialists the opportunity to concentrate on our customers needs. FCI's primary function as a DoD contractor is to support government installations with visual information services. Our contracts and creative staff incorporate various disciplines from traditional graphic arts and conventional photography to high-end digital communications, information technology, virtual reality authoring, thermal and large-format printing, multimedia production, digital video, video teleconferencing, web-based graphics production, computer-based graphic-illustration, and remote-location photojournalism. Other areas of expertise have involved conventional/digital image processing, aerial and studio photography, forensic/scientific imaging, and high-speed duplication/printing services. FCI has always been a team-oriented, loyalty driven company that offers growth and expanded opportunities from within. When new contracts and job openings become available, FCI makes it standard practice to offer various positions to our best-qualified employees. At the same time, we are always seeking the finest professionals and new young talent in the industry to join our team.

The Transformation

During our formidable years, well-trained artists, photographers and technicians conducted most of our services with hands-on craftsmanship in fields ranging from layout / paste-up, pen and ink illustration, and wet-process photography. In recent years, FCI has been at the forefront of digital-imaging technology and has continued to evolve, incorporating the latest trends of the Electronic Age. By 1988, FCI recognized that digital technology was the wave of the future and began incorporating computerized graphics and imaging applications into our government contracts. The Air Force recognized our efforts in 1992 with the nomination of our company as "Air Force Small Business of the Year". While our company did not win the award, we were pleased to place among the top three companies. Fisher-Cal Industries has revolutionized the Department of Defense by implementing and operating the first fully digital VIS Center in the U.S. Air Force at McGuire AFB. No longer would the military need to utilize hazardous chemicals and material waste in the production of visual information products. Camera (wet-process) enlargers were replaced with high-end computer workstations. Film was substituted by utilizing professional, high-tech digital camera systems. Diazzo, diddo, and typesetters were sent to the bone-yard. Wiser, small-scaled, and environmentally friendly practices emerged during this electronic transformation. Highly skilled, educated personnel were hired from the nation's leading educational institutions to administer FCI's transformation into the emerging field of digital imaging. FCI maintained numerous government contracts under their belt, to include the Federal Aviation Administration, US Sub Base in Groton CT, Dover AFB, Tyndall AFB, Travis AFB, McChord AFB and McGuire Air Force Base. Fisher-Cal Industries has continued to branch out, encompassing various aspects of digital communications including various forms of multimedia. Fisher-Cal Industries is also in a continuing state of growth as it continually strives for larger, more opportunistic contracts and ventures.

Mrs. Victoria B. Fisher

Mr. John Sidoriak
Director of Operations